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I’ve put links to most of the papers below for downloading. If you can’t access them for some reason, please let me know! emilymckinon12 AT, @BirdBiologist


22) McKinnon EA, Laplante, M, Fraser, KC, Mackenzie, S, Love, OP, and F. Vézina. 2019. Tracking landscape-scale movements of Snow Buntings and weather-driven changes in flock composition during the temperate winter. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.

21) Laplante, MP, McKinnon, EA, Love, OP, and F. Vézina. 2019. Flexible response to short-term weather in a cold-adapted songbird. Journal of Avian Biology 50 doi: 10.1111/jav.01766 (postdoc work)

20) McKinnon, EA, and OP Love. 2018 Ten years tracking small landbirds: Lessons learned in the golden age of bio-logging. The Auk: Ornithological Advances 135:834-856 (Postdoc work)

19) Ellison, K, McKinnon, EA, Zack, SW, Olimb, SK, Sparks, R,  and E Strasser. 2017. Migration and winter distribution of the Chestnut-collared Longspur (Calcarius ornatus). Animal Migration 4:1. doi: 10.1515/ami-2017-0005. (collaboration)

18) McKinnon, EA, Artuso, C., and OP Love. 2017. The mystery of the missing warbler. Ecology. 10.1002/ecy.1844 DOWNLOAD HERE AppendixS2 Appendix S1

17) McKinnon, EA, Kyser, TK, and BJM Stutchbury. 2017. Does the proportion of fruit versus arthropods in the diet influence overwintering condition of an omnivorous songbird? Journal of Field Ornithology. Early Online. 10.1111/jofo.12187

16) McKinnon, EA, Macdonald, CM, Gilchrist, HG, and OP Love. 2016. Spring and fall migration phenology of an Arctic-breeding passerine. Journal of Ornithology. Early online. DOWNLOAD HERE

15) Lam, L, McKinnon, EA, Ray, JD, Pearman, M, Hvenegaard, GT, Mejeur, J, Moscar, L, Pearson, M, Applegate, K, Mammenga, P, Tautin, J, Fraser, KC. 2015. The influence of morphological variation on migration performance in a trans-hemispheric migratory songbird. Animal Migration 2:86-95.  READ FULL PAPER HERE (OPEN ACCESS)

14) McKinnon, EA, Stanley, CQ, and BJM Stutchbury. 2015. Carry-over effects of nonbreeding habitat on start-to-finish migration performance of a songbird. PLOS ONE 10 (11): e0141580. (PhD work) DOWNLOAD HERE Supplemental Info

13) Macdonald, CA, McKinnon, EA (corresponding author and joint first-author), Gilchrist, HG, and OP Love. 2015. Cold-tolerance, and not earlier arrival on breeding grounds, explains why males winter further north in an Arctic-breeding songbird. Journal of Avian Biology 47:7-15. DOWNLOAD HERE


12) McKinnon, EA, Rotenberg, JA, and BJM Stutchbury. 2015. Seasonal change in tropical habitat quality and body condition of a declining migratory songbird. Oecologia 179:363-375. (PhD work) DOWNLOAD HERE

11) McKinnon, EA, Fraser, KC, Stanley, CQ, and BJM Stutchbury. 2014. Tracking from the Tropics reveals first spring migrations of juvenile Wood Thrushes. PLOS ONE 9(8): e105605. (PhD work) DOWNLOAD HERE

10) Stanley, CQ, McKinnon, EA (corresponding author and joint first-author), Fraser, KC, Macpherson, M, Casbourn, G, Friesen, L, Marra, PP, Studds, CE, Ryder, TB, Diggs, NE, and BJM Stutchbury. 2015. Connectivity of Wood Thrush breeding, wintering, and migration sites based on range-wide tracking. Conservation Biology 29:164-174. (PhD work) DOWNLOAD HERE

9) Chin, S, McKinnon, EA, Fraser, KC, Rotenberg, J, and BJM Stutchbury. 2014. No sex bias in Wood Thrushes (Hylocichla mustelina) captured using song playback during the non-breeding season. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 126 (3): 599-605. (Supervised project by lab volunteer; PhD work) DOWNLOAD HERE

8) McKinnon, EA, Askanas, H, and AW Diamond. 2014. Nest-patch characteristics of Bicknell’s Thrush in regenerating clearcuts and implications for precommercial thinning. Northeastern Naturalist 21: 259-270. (MSc work) DOWNLOAD HERE

7) McKinnon, EA, Fraser, KC, and BJM Stutchbury. 2013. New discoveries in landbird migration using geolocators, and a flight plan for the future. Auk 130:1-12. (PhD work). *Most accessed paper Aug-Oct 2013 of top-ranked ornithology journal. DOWNLOAD HERE


6) McKinnon, EA, Stanley, CQ, Fraser, KC, MacPherson, MM, Casbourn, G, Marra, PP, Studds, CE, Diggs, N, and BJM. Stutchbury. 2013. Estimating geolocator accuracy for a migratory songbird using live ground-truthing in tropical forest. Animal Migration 1:31-38. (PhD workDOWNLOAD HERE

5) Stanley, CQ, MacPherson, M, Fraser, KC, McKinnon, EA (co-wrote and analysed data), and BJM Stutchbury. 2012. Repeat tracking of individual songbirds reveals consistent migration timing but flexibility in route. PLOS ONE 7(7): e40688. (PhD work)     DOWNLOAD HERE

4) McKinnon, EA, Fraser, KC, Diamond, AW, Rimmer, CC, and JM Townsend. 2012. Stable-hydrogen turnover in red blood cells of two migratory thrushes: application to studies of connectivity and carry-over effects. Journal of Field Ornithology 83 (3): 306-314. (MSc work) DOWNLOAD HERE

3) Fraser, KC, McKinnon, EA, Chavarria, L, and AW Diamond. 2011. The influence of microhabitat, moisture, and diet on stable-hydrogen isotope variation in a Neotropical avian food web. Journal of Tropical Ecology 27: 563-572. (collaboration)

2) Fraser, KC, McKinnon, EA, and AW Diamond. 2010. Migration, diet or molt? Interpreting stable-hydrogen isotope values in Neotropical bats. Biotropica 42:512-517. (collaboration)

1) McKinnon, EA, and RJ Robertson. 2008. The signal function of a melanin-based plumage ornament in Golden-winged Warblers. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 120:366-370. (Honours thesis work)

Grey Literature

McKinnon, EA. 2013. Tracking migratory songbirds. Bladen Review. Magazine produced by Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education. Gainsville, FL, USA. 

IBCTG 2010. A conservation action plan for Bicknell’s Thrush (Catharus bicknelli). (JA Hart, CC Rimmer, R Dettmers, B Whittam, EA McKinnon, K McFarland, and Y Aubry, Eds.) International Bicknell’s Thrush Conservation Group.

McKinnon, EA 2008. Book Review: Birds of Costa Rica: A field guide. By R. Garrigues and R. Dean. Picoides 21:21-22.

McKinnon, EA and KC Fraser. 2007. Lab Manual for Ornithology. University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB.

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