Movement Ecology of Animals

Homepage of Dr. Emily A. McKinnon


Courses taught at the University of Manitoba: 

NRI7350 Study Design and Quantitative Methods 

This is a graduate-level course co-taught with Dr. Nicola Koper. We cover scientific study design and statistical analyses, which are conducted in R (RStudio). This course is offered through the Natural Resources Institute.

BIOL1010 Diversity & Interactions

This broad survey course is intended for non-biology majors to fulfill a science credit requirement or as an elective. We use the ‘small’ Campbell biology textbook (‘Concepts & Connections’), and focus specifically on the second half of the text – biodiversity, physiology, ecology, evolution, behaviour, and conservation biology.

BIOL1020 Biology 1: Principles and Themes

This is the first half of the required first-year level biology course for majors. We use the ‘big’ Campbell textbook, and this course covers the first half (the rest is covered in Biology 2). This includes topics such as organic chemistry, cell biology, cell division, DNA replication, Mendelian genetics, evolution, natural and sexual selection. This course also includes a laboratory component. Note that during the school year (Sept-Dec), this course is taught by video lecture, while in the summer it is taught in person.

Courses taught elsewhere:

BIOL1116 Evolution, Ecology, & Biodiversity (University of Winnipeg)

This is a first-year course for science majors. We cover evolution, natural selection, speciation, biodiversity, ecology, behaviour and conservation. There is a mandatory lab component as well.

BIOL3873 Ethology (University of New Brunswick)

This upper-level biology course for biology majors focussed on principles of animal behaviour.